Casa Zarino

Casa Zarino is a family dream, built brick by brick over the generations. It starts from Zarino, my grandfather, and goes all the way down to me, Fefe. In the 1980s this house was a boarding house, “Pensione Zarino,” then a house in which my grandparents lived, leaving the artistic mark of their flair, then again today an accommodation with a unique distinctive feature, enriched by my grandmother’s art collections and my father, Antonio’s, ceramic collection.

Throughout their lives, Zarino and Michela D’Amalfi, a Naïf artist, have supported each other in their talents, which today Casa Zarino wants to showcase in all their wonder. That is why our house wants to welcome guests in its three independent rooms in a familiar yet refined atmosphere, where values and talents are breathed, the history of two citizens who left their mark on their Amalfi, enhancing it through their art.

Zarino produced the Guide to Amalfi, so positively reviewed even by Benedetto Croce, and Michela Amato, known as D’Amalfi, who expressed all her artistic talent in her Naïf-style canvases, most of which pay homage to events and views of the Amalfi Coast.

Welcome to our world, the world of Zarino’s family.


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